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Frequently Ask Questions

- Are these accounts legal?

Absolutely yes. We do not sell cracked accounts nor any sensitive information - all of our accounts are created using dummy data. With that said, you can always expect high quality profiles with realistic names.

- How should I access to the accounts that I just purchased?

We include the credentials with the email that we send after checkout. All you have to do is to follow the instructions included in the email.

- Do the accounts come with the recovery email?

Some of our email accounts come with the recovery email attached, others with full access to the recovery email, others with no recovery email. Please refer to the individual product's page for more information.

- Can I change the password after logging in?

You are free to change any information. We suggest not to change the password on the very first login, in order to avoid red flags.

- What's the difference between PVA and non-PVA accounts?

PVA accounts have been verified with a phone number - they have more reputation, less limits and less risks of account suspensions.

- What are softreg accounts?

Softreg are accounts that are registered automatically using special programs.

- What are aged accounts?

Aged accounts have been created some time ago and since have remained in storage. These accounts are more trusted by social media since they may have more activity and content

- Can I use a VPN when logging in?

Never use a VPN with these email accounts. We advise to use high quality proxies, preferably from USA. Never use the same IP address on multiple accounts.

- Do you provide bulk discounts?

Of course. Simply let us know the product(s) you are looking for and the exact quantity in order to receive a price quote.

- Are you interested in Suppliers or Partnerships?

Definitely! Please refer to our Partner page.