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IG Accounts - Registered 4-6 years ago - AT LEAST 100-200 followers - Email included

In stock 99 pcs.

Price for each
from $4.39

- Aged

These accounts were registered 4-6 years ago

- Come with verified email

All accounts are verified by email, should you have any checkpoints from Instagram, you can easily verify your account

- Come with AT LEAST 100-200 followers

This minimizes risk of getting flagged/blocked/banned by Instagram (account looks more legit)

- All unnecessary stuff is removed

Description, media, and profile picture are removed on every account in order to minimize risk.

All profiles are public.

These are Instagram AGED accounts which were registered 4-6 years ago.

Above reasons make these accounts IDEAL for making money on Instagram (e.g. CPA, selling your own product, growing your main IG page, etc.)

I personally use these accounts with VERY HIGH LIMITS: up to 1,200 follows and 1,200 likes a DAY