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STRIPE Accounts - Verified - USA Bank with access - Full info included

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How it works:

You’ll need to provide us ( Contact us ) with your shop URL, and it must have SSL installed (if you want us to use a dummy website just let me know).

Then we will get the document and the phone number that needed to verify your account, in 24 - 48 hours max your account will be verified with documents and phone number and you can use it right away after we deliver it

  • Offering a USA Stripe account.
  • The account will be verified by US phone Number
  • The account will be verified by USA bank
  • Real SSN used.
  • As the Account is new Payouts will be available in 7 days.
  • 2 days’ payouts won’t be available as it is a brand new account.
  • We will create your account only after you have placed the order.

What You Receive ?

  • The login credentials for New Stripe + Gmail.
  • The login access Bank
  • The recovery email for Gmail.
  • The SSN associated with the account
  • The address that we used for creating the account so you can match it with your store address
  • USA Phone number ( Google Voice )
  • The IP Geo

– Is it safe to use this account outside the USA?

Yes, if you follow up our guide it’s easy, all you need is a private proxy or a VPS.

– Do I need to have a store before I buy this account?

Yes and no, this account must be connected with a store with SSL, it’s a must from Stripe. But still if you don’t want to use your real store for some reason, we can put a dummy website to create the account for you, but this is for a pro who knows how to use such an option. you can buy stripe account.

– Do I need to buy SSL for my store?

If your store is not built on Shopify (Shopify includes SSL), then you’ll need to buy one. Or you can get a free one from (You’ll need to have coding knowledge though)

– If I got paid on my Stripe account when I can withdraw the money?

By default, all new accounts will be on 7-days rolling, and after a few successful withdraw you can contact Strip’s support to make it 2-days rolling. And since you will use a virtual bank account , you need to leave about 20% in your Stripe balance for any chargebacks that may happen.